Diversity Links

These are some resources and articles that helped guide me in finding quality diverse books!

  1. Bishop, R.S. (1990). “Mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors.
  2. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The Danger of the Single Story
  3. Derman-Sparks, L. (2013). Anti-Bias Guide Teaching for Change. 
  4. Empowering Kids Books About Disability
  5. Ferguson, D. (2018). Must monsters always be male? Huge gender bias revealed in children’s books. The Guardian.
  6. Myers, C. (2014). The apartheid of children’s literature. New York Times.
  7. Myers, W. D. (2014). Where are the people of color in children’s books? New York Times.
  8. Shapiro, L. (2018). Can you revise a book to make it more woke? Vulture.
  9. Slater, D. (2016). The Uncomfortable Truth About Children’s Books: Attempts to diversify lily-white kid lit have been, well, complicatedMother Jones.
  10. Woodson, J. (1998) Who can tell my story.The Horn Book.